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October 31st, 2007. By Dave Oei. 3,315 views.
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SquirrelIf you’re from New Jersey you’ve probably known about this for a while and have long since been able to breathe very longs signs of relief. Otherwise, this is news to you as it was to me. It turns out that the EPA had been doing routine testing of squirrels which lived near a dump to see if they were…er…fit for human consumption. The EPA said no because of elevated levels of lead found in their systems. But today, hurray-hurray, it turns out the EPA made a mistake with their testing and found that these squirrels were fine for eatin’ after all.

What does this have to do with science? Maybe….good scientists should try to repeat their results so they don’t have to unnecessarily inconvenience…uh…rodent eaters?

Note to PETA: Don’t shoot the messenger!
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Song: Squirrels, by the Beastie Boys
Source: AFP

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