AHA Promoting Hands-Only CPR

BaywatchDoes this put Baywatch out of a job?!  Well, actually, no. The new CPR standard being promoted by the American Heart Association applies only to adults who suddenly collapse, mainly due to cardiac arrest. The new standard states that only rapid chest compressions (approximately 100 per minute) are required until emergency help arrives, alleviating the need for mouth-to-mouth, which, for some odd reason, always left a bad taste in the mouth of the general public (ewww, I know, sorry!).

It was the work of recent studies which indicated a similar success rate equal to the mouth-to-mouth method, and the desire to simplify CPR which prompted the change.

Does this spell the end of Baywatch? Hardly. The AHA is also quick to point out that mouth-to-mouth is still recommended in drowning or carbon monoxide cases, and with all infants and young children.

Source: American Heart Association

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