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New Anglerfish Found off Ambom Island, Indonesia

April 2nd, 2008. By Dave Oei. 2,773 views.
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New Frogfish from Ambon Island in IndonesiaWhat swims, has binocular vision, leg-like appendages, and can squeeze into the smallest of spaces with ease? This guy can, a newly discovered species of anglerfish which is so unique that scientists speculate it may belong to a new family of fish, which in itself is somewhat rare with only 5 new fish families having been added to our general taxonomy in the last 50 years. Though anglerfish in general are not uncommon, any fish with front-mounted eyeballs generally are, implying that these little dudes may see the way we do.

Source: University of Washington
Photo: M. Snyder, starknakedfish.com / divingmaluku.com


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