SciFriday Fun: Battlestar Galactica Returns

Battlestar Galactica

All work and no play made Jack a dull boy? Better than a cylon, right? Who knows, we’ll find out shortly, as after nearly a year in hiatus, Battlestar Galactica returns! Be ready for an update including a quickie review and post-mortum…in about 2 hours.


Unlike some previous BSG shows, the start of season 4 which premiered yesterday on the SciFi channel was unapologetically geared toward it’s fan base. Absent were the narratives and flashbacks detailing previous story lines. Which means if you’re new to the show and you missed, “What the Frak is Going on?” (Curious, link is dead for now), you probably also missed a good deal of what the rest of this entry is about.

One of the strengths behind BSG is that it doesn’t shy away from presenting and leaving behind questions as old news gradually get resolved. Take for example, Starbuck. Ok, she’s back, and she’s clearly alive. But, is she:

  • A Cylon?
  • One of the final 5?
  • A Clone of herself?
  • Her original self, which either died or didn’t in Season 3?
  • Gonna blow out Laura’s brains?
  • A tool of the Cylons or working on her own free will?

Then, as Anders puts it, does it really matter? Personally, I’m a little skeptical that the whole truth will ever be revealed. There’s just so many other things that also need closure…

How did Starbuck get her new viper? What really happened during the gaps in her memory? Where does her newfound sense of direction come from? More profoundly, is her new internal compass even right?

What else don’t we know? We don’t know if…

  • Anders got switched on.
  • The good colonel will eventually do in the old man.

And, did Baltar really show a selfless act?! What’s this show coming to? Baltar – selfless?! And, was it coincidence or bizarre intervention or even destiny that saved him and the young boy?

Maybe Ron Moore will reveal a bit of this during the podcast, whenever it arrives.

Still, if you (like I) enjoy the show for it’s pure eye-candy merits, you were well rewarded with nearly 10 minutes of gut-wrenching seat-strapping viper shootouts and stunning visuals that really raised the already record-setting special effects bar. The opening sequence was…WOW.

And, following that up with an Adama shot-to-the-head. WOW.

Alas, we only have about 19 more episodes before these threads are either cut loose or somehow intertwined into a coherent thread. If I had it my way, I’d opt for a little of both, in true BSG style.


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