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Stereoscopic Dinosaurs Put the 3D in Phobos

April 10th, 2008. By Dave Oei. 2,608 views.
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Phobos in 2DWhat do dinosaurs and Phobos have in common? Nothing. Though I have to admit to buying my son a dinosaur book, very much like this one, not just for it’s intrinsic and educational value, but also for the fact it came with a set of red/green 3D glasses.

That purchase came about a year ago, when images from Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity beamed back picture after picture of beautiful images, many of which were rendered in 3D for the general public. At the time, I couldn’t justify spending the $2 to get a mail-order set of 3D glasses, so Amazon came to the rescue.

Let’s just say I’m making better use of the glasses now than my son.

Like today, when NASA released a 3D rendered image of Phobos. Here, the moon jumps right off the page with amazing details that are seemingly more pronounced because of the moon’s relatively small size.

Of course, if you already have 3D glasses, you’re set. Otherwise, you can shoot two birds with one stone and try my route, it works!

Source: NASA


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