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Two Reasons to Tune in to TV This Tuesday

April 21st, 2008. By Dave Oei. 4,985 views.
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Despite its status as a high-end sports car, most of us wouldn’t give a thumbs up after taking in a few whiffs from a Corvette’s exhaust.  But, most of us aren’t the Car Guys from Car Talk.  And most of us don’t have access to what I assume is a fuel-cell powered vehicle.

If you listen to NPR, it’s likely you know of Tom and Ray, the automotive geniuses on Car Talk. They’re staring in a new episode of NOVA this Tuesday appropriately titled, “Car of the Future”.  If you don’t listen to Car Talk, you probably aren’t in TinySci’s demographic, so no worries.

They’re reason #1 to watch TV on Tuesday.

Reason #2 is a bit more subdued, but should be stunning nonetheless.  NASA will be broadcasting images of Earth in HD from the International Space Station.  Just tune in to your NASA channel any time from 6am to 8pm and you’ll be treated to what they say are some fantastic views.  As for the commentary…well…

Subtle Hint: You could mute the TV and instead pipe in some music of your choice.  A mellow jazz or blues album would go nicely.

Sources: NOVA, NASA

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