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Product of the Day: The $100k Tesla

May 7th, 2008. By Dave Oei. 10,285 views.
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Technically, this is strictly an engineering story. But since engineering is nothing other than the application of science, in this case, at least physics, aerodynamics, chemistry, and electrodynamics, we thought you wouldn’t complain.

I mean, take a look, it’s beautiful.

In case you haven’t heard, this is a Tesla, a 100% battery operated car. A fast one at that. And if you had the wherewithal to reserve a Tesla and set aside slightly over $100k to burn and eventually own one, at least you wouldn’t also have to worry about burning anything else, that is, in the name of global warming.

Word on the street is, the Tesla is ready for sale. Today. In Los Angeles.

At least the dealership is open, but the waiting list is still at over 400 people. Which means putting your name on the list today guarantees you a car in about a year or two. But with a Lotus Elise frame, carbon fiber paneling, 6000+ lithium ion batteries, a range of over 200 miles and only a couple of ticks above 4 seconds in the 0-60, it sounds like it’s worth the wait.

Sure, you wouldn’t want to go cross country in the Tesla since unlike hybrids it does not have a gasoline engine to recharge the battery. Instead, it’s a plug-in electric, estimated to cost about 2 cents per mile, or $6 to travel 300 miles. Which means if you did want to do some long distance traveling, it may take more than a few well-planned stops. While carrying around a few extension cords.

And as you may imagine, a car so exotic, rare, and green would attract considerable attention. Which is what made watching Jay Leno’s review quite enjoyable (link provided below). For a more detailed and analytical approach, there also Autoblog (again, link below).

Once the Tesla guys invite me for a test drive, I’ll be sure to post my experience here too!

Sources: Jay Leno, Autoblog, Tesla
Photo: Autoblog


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