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Note to CNN: Please Stop

January 22nd, 2009. By Dave Oei. 8,383 views.
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Dear Editors at CNN:

Please stop.  You know what I’m talking about.

The silly holographic reporter (TinySci Readers, click and view this CNN video at your own risk, you may want to put on some eye-pro first), which by the way, fails to resemble either holography or reporting, is downright idiotic.  Are we supposed to be shocked and awed by the fact that you know how to use a green screen and multiple cameras…simultaneously?

As if that wasn’t enough, we let out a collective “Ugh” when you debuted Obama’s “Moment” in “3D”.  First of all, Photosynth is not your creation – it’s Microsoft’s.  Second, “3D” means stereoscopic, otherwise it’s just 2D.  In other words, your rendition of  “The Moment” looks no different to me than it would to someone who was blind in one eye.

And while Photosynth does a great job at stitching together similar images, it is not 3D.  And in an effort to make it “smooth”, picture quality tends to be lousy.

Finally, if you think we’re supposed to be impressed by your touch-screen consoles, perhaps you haven’t yet seen the iPhone.  If you haven’t noticed, millions of us are using gestures too.

Seriously, forget the glitz and just concentrate on getting the news right, ok?


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