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March 16th, 2011

Dave Oei, Editorial Director

Dave discovered the science section of his local library at the age of 9 after exhausting the children’s section of its best morsels. Learning of dinosaurs, planets, biology, and geography quickly ensued. Today, he has many varied interests, but it’s safe to say that reading about science is near the top. While he’s not an official credentialed scientist, his journey for knowledge has yielded bachelor’s degrees in biochemistry and psychology (BS/BS UC Davis), an MBA (SDSU), a patent in web-filtering technology, and a thesis on German accounting (call number HF52.2 .O45 2007 at San Diego State University). On his spare time Dave can be found managing a veterinary hospital, operating the hospital’s online flea and tick store, chasing after his two kids, and writing short snippets of his life on @daveoei.

Ramses Agustin, Contributing Editor

Ramses M. Agustin was initially educated and trained as a mechanical engineer (BS UC Davis, MS MIT) with an emphasis on signal processing and control/estimation theory. He later earned his PhD in Bioengineering at UCSD, researching automated microscopy and computer vision to detect and classify rare circulating tumor cells in blood. His current work involves developing image processing techniques in collaboration with biologists in San Diego and across the country. Outside the lab, Ramses enjoys photography and food (both cooking and eating).

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