Why Tinysci?

Do you enjoy science but lack the time to scour the news for the good stuff?

Are you finding that your local paper or Internet news provider focuses too much on gadgets or space walks rather than the many varied topics that encompass science?

Well, at the TinySci blog we read science. Lots of it. While we’ll occasionally engage in techie stuff or even science fiction, the vast majority of the topics discussed will surround “real” science. We’ll cover everything from archeology to psychology, astrophysics to quantum dynamics, stem-cells to global warming. You’ll get brief descriptions of what we find, plus the primary source. In future editions, we’ll provide multiple sources, which should help if you’re doing a research project.

If there’s a topic you’d like us to focus on, please contact us. We can be found at tinysci@gmail.com.

Dave Oei